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Jason Dinger

Jason Dinger

Meridian, ID

Why did you choose to pursue an MSW degree?
I feel privileged and honored to be a part of a program and profession that is dedicated to helping others improve their own lives. The opportunity to go into a field where there are so many options and the experiences gained are so rewarding, is invaluable.

What are your thoughts on BYU’s focus on a spiritually strengthening educational experience?
The educational experience at BYU is invaluable. Adding the academic understanding to my own spiritual understanding brings clarity and perspective that could not be achieved otherwise.

What are your thoughts on the family experience at BYU?
Obtaining my undergraduate degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development at BYU enhanced my life in many ways. My understanding and regard for the family and its contributions both in a personal and a societal sense increased dramatically. I now view the family as the most important and influential social organization available.

Why did you choose BYU’s Social Work program?
I was impressed by its emphasis on clinical experience. Also, I received my undergraduate degree there and came to respect and appreciate the opportunity to go to a school whose values match my own.

What are your career goals?
My current focus right now is to study and learn as much as possible regarding helping bereaved individuals and families. In the future, I would like to enter the medical social work field where I believe there are many opportunities to achieve my desires to help the bereaved.

Tell us about your BYU internship experience(s):
My internship at Turnabout, an adolescent treatment center, has afforded me a new perspective on persons who choose a more deviant path in life. Though they must live with certain consequences for substance abuse, physical or sexual abuse, defiant behaviors, being adopted, or even the recipients of abuse, they are not a lost cause! Working with these adolescents in both individual and group settings has allowed me to see them as persons regardless of difficulties they have sustained in their lives.