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Josh Downs

Joshua Downs

Houston, TX

Why did you choose to pursue an MSW degree?
I had really hit the ceiling as far as career advancement went with an undergraduate degree in psychology. For me to help more people the way I wanted to help them I would need an MSW.

Why did you choose BYU's Social Work program?
I was looking for a program with a clinical emphasis and BYU met that requirement.

What are your career goals?
I'd like to leave Utah and eventually set up or work in a private practice so I can be of greater service to both LDS and non-LDS individuals. The administrative aspect of social work has some appeal to me as well.

Tell us about your BYU internship experience(s):
I was at a small private practice that serves individuals of all ages as well as families. Many of these individuals struggle with attachment issues having come from broken homes and backgrounds. Several of my clients are children and are in need of a safe environment where they can work through their issues in a way that only children can. I have also enjoyed working with a couple who is working diligently towards improving their communication skills.