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MiLinda Hudnall

Orem, UT

Why did you choose to pursue an MSW degree?
When I finished my Bachelor's Degree, I thought that keeping up with the husband, 4 children, cows, chickens, horses, dogs, cats and other temporary animals on the farm was enough. My interest had been peaked by the professors in continuing my degree, but I was tired of school. I had inklings that I should go on for my Master's degree. So I applied and left it in the Lord's hands. The rest is history.

What are your thoughts on BYU's focus on a spiritually strengthening educational experience?
Being able to have time during my school and study day to focus on my spiritual life is a bonus. It was a challenge to keep all the "hats" going while in school. The Wife/Mother hat is the most important and I had great support from my husband and children during this time. Focusing on the academic requirements was overwhelming, so having one of those requirements be a spiritual one was a bonus. It kept me balanced and uplifted.

What are your thoughts on the family experience at BYU?
I'm not sure what the family experience at BYU was. Our children were pre-teen and teenagers when I went back to school at BYU so they were already entrenched in their own worlds and we kept all of them flowing smoothly.

Why did you choose BYU's Social Work program?
I had been recruited by a previous professor to follow them to another school to pursue my Masters degree, but with my family in the Provo area, I needed a program that was close to our home.

What are your career goals?
I've landed my "long term goal" dream job. I had served in my internship at the VA in SLC and wanted to be able to work in the Utah County office helping veterans in this area. I am currently the Social Worker for the Orem CBOC (Community Based Outpatient Clinic).

Tell us about your BYU internship experience(s):
I worked at the Veteran's Administration in SLC for my first internship. I had the opportunity to work in the HBPC (Home Based Primary Care) setting with the Home Health and Gerontology departments and then in Secondary Education as a School Social Worker for Nebo School District. I had done my undergraduate internship with the K-6 students in Provo School District so having the opportunity to work with 7-12 students provided a full spectrum of Student Services. Both these internships helped me obtain my full-time employment after graduation. I worked for Alpine School District K-12 working with all the ED Units K-12, through Wasatch Mental Health right after graduation and did Home Health on the side. I then moved full-time in Home Health/Hospice for 7 years before working a year in the Acute Care Hospital SW setting and doing consulting for Nursing Homes. This was all the pre-requisite to helping prepare me for my current job at the VA.