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Alexis Guerrero

MSW Class of 2022

Why did you choose to pursue an MSW degree? I wanted to become a therapist and more specifically help people with eating disorders.

Why did you choose BYU's Social Work Program? I liked BYU's emphasis on clinical social work and I love the atmosphere of BYU.

What are your thoughts on BYU's focus on a spiritually strengthening educational experience? I think doing my MSW at BYU really challenged me spiritually and caused me to look at myself and my relationship with God in a deeper, more realistic way.

How did BYU's MSW program prepare you for your career? I felt and still feel more prepared for clinical work because of the rigor of BYU's program. I find in the field that I often have an clinical edge in many ways when it comes to approaching cases from a trauma-informed perspective.

What are your career goals? I would like to one day start my own practice and continue to work with clients with eating disorders, OCD, and anxiety in creative, effective ways.

Tell us about your BYU internship experience(s): My BYU internships prepared me to work in the field.