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Faculty Publications

Steve Hoffman

"Youth Perspectives of Healthcare in Central Mexico: An Application of Massey's Critical Health Literacy Framework" in International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health. With Heidi Adams Rueda and Lauren Beasley. 2019.

"Confirmatory factor analysis of the Warwick- Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale among youth in Mexico" in International Social Work. With Heidi A Rueda and Matthew C Lambert. 2019.

"Proving their love: Violence and gender norms in descriptions of relationships among rural Mexican adolescents" in Children and Youth Services Review. With Heidi Adams Rueda and Kaitlin Grytza. 2019.

Sherinah Saasa

"Discrimination, Coping, and Social Exclusion among African American Immigrants in the United States: A Moderation Analysis" in National Association of Social Workers. 2019.

"Determinants of HIV- risk sexual behaviors among Zambian adolescents: The role of gendered power" in Children and Youth Services Review. With Orion Mowbray. 2019.

Stacey Shaw

"A Systematic Review of Social Service Programs Serving Refugees" in Research on Social Work Practice Vol. 29. With Mallory Funk. 2019.

David Wood

"Mechanisms of Action Contributing to Reductions in Suicide Attempts Following Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Military Personnel: A Test of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide" in Archives of Suicide Research. With C.J. Bryan, A. May, A.L. Peterson, E. Wertenberger, and M.D. Rudd. 2017.

"Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts in the U.S. Air Force: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis" in Journal of Interpersonal Violence. With C.R. Gedney, B. Lundahl, and R.P. Butters. 2015.