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Faculty Publications

Cory Dennis

"The Impact of Suicidality and Spirituality on Substance Use Day Treatment Discharge" in Taylor & Francis Online. With Hannah E. Brown. 2023.

Steve Hoffman

"Health literacy and mental well-being among university students in the United States" in Journal of American College Health. With Lauren Beasley and Jennie Houtz. 2023.

"Youth Perspectives of Healthcare in Central Mexico: An Application of Massey's Critical Health Literacy Framework" in International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health. With Heidi Adams Rueda and Lauren Beasley. 2019.

Cole Hooley

"Scaling-up Child and Youth Mental Health Services: Assessing Coverage of a County-Wide Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative During One Fiscal Year" in Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research. With D. Salvo, D.S. Brown, L. Brookman-Frazee, A.S. Lau, R.C. Brownson, P.J. Fowler, D. Innes-Gomberg, and E.K. Procter. 2023.

Sherinah Saasa

"Examining coping and acculturative stress as mediators between perceived discrimination and internalising symptoms among African immigrants" in International Journal of Social Welfare, 33(1), 18-28. With Saasa, S., Ward, K. P., Jacobson, J., & Hill, R. L. (2024).

"Mental health service utilization among African immigrants in the United States" in Journal of Community Psychology, 49(6), 2144-2161. With K., Rai, A., Malazarte, N., & Yirenya‐Tawiah, A. E. (2021).

Stacey Shaw

"A randomized controlled trial testing the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effects of mental health Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment among refugees in Malaysia" in Research on International Journal of Social Psychiatry. With C. Lee, M. Ahmadi, H.K. Shor Muluk, Z.M. J. Latifa Ahmadi, L. Randall, C. Yang, L. Gilbert. 2023.

"A Systematic Review of Social Service Programs Serving Refugees" in Research on Social Work Practice Vol. 29. With Mallory Funk. 2019.

David Wood

"Moral Injury: Implications for U.S SOF and Ethical Resiliency" in Journal of Interpersonal Violence. With C.R. Gedney, B. Lundahl, and R.P. Butters. 2023.