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Jessie Crapo holding a baby

Jessica Crapo


Boise, Idaho

What are your thoughts on deciding to pursue an MSW degree?
Originally I wanted to pursue a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. However, as I neared the end of my bachelor's degree, I wasn't sure I wanted to do therapy as a career. I took the intro to social work class from Dr. Roby and I realized SW was a much better fit for me. Social work is a degree that you can use anywhere, and you aren't just limited to therapy. I can work with many different populations in many different settings.

Why did you choose BYU's Social Work program?
Although I wasn't sure if I wanted to do therapy as a career, I still wanted that clinical background. BYU's program is one of the only clinical MSW programs in the nation. Even if you aren't doing therapy, these skills are still incredibly beneficial. Other than learning different therapy models, I have learned how to be a better listener and more empathic with my clients.

On the family experience at BYU?
One of the best things about BYU's social work program is that it is so small. My cohort only has 37 members in it, and we all are great friends. We even have a facebook page where we collaborate on homework assignments and social events! Part of the grad-school experience is being able to network and get to know other people, and BYU's program definitely makes it possible. As for my personal family, I got married right before starting the program. The MSW program is very rigorous (especially the first semester), but they are also mindful of family needs. If you are professional and keep your professors in the loop about things, they are willing to work with you if circumstances arise (pregnancy, illness, marriage, etc.). There are lots of people in the program who have been pregnant during graduate school, have gotten married, or who have families. It's definitely doable.

Tell us about your BYU Internship experience(s):
Historically, all of the internships are paid!