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Leah Van Leuven

MSW Class of 2023

Why did you choose to pursue an MSW degree? I like the versatility of social work and needed a master's degree to get jobs I wanted.

Why did you choose BYU's Social Work Program? Cheap, spiritual guidance, family went to BYU and had good experiences.

What are your thoughts on BYU's focus on a spiritually strengthening educational experience? It's empowering to incorporate spirituality into academic learning. It feels like a more holistic approach.

What are your thoughts on the family experience at BYU? I was able to form close friendships and I loved the staff. I love how small the cohort was, enabling stronger connections.


How did BYU's MSW program prepare you for your career? It helped me a ton with clinical skills.

What are your career goals? I am open-mindedly going with the flow of opportunities that come my way. I'd love to one day be a part-time therapist while doing other hobbies/businesses on the side.

Tell us about your BYU internship experience(s): I learned a ton... The most surprising outcome was that I loved working with the neurodiverse population and those on the autism spectrum!