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Soc W 595R Directed Readings

Students can take Soc W 595R to work with a faculty member on independent readings, additional research, attending approved conferences, or any other academic activity that the student and faculty member determine will be of benefit to the student.

Students wanting to take Soc W 595R must find a faculty member willing to oversee the completion of this course (based on faculty expertise/interest and availability). A Directed Readings Agreement must be completed before registering for the course.

Grading for Soc W 595R may be pass/fail or a letter grade format (A-F). The decision for grade format will be made before the course begins. The student must obtain the signature of the identified faculty member on the Directed Readings Agreement form and return it to the Social Work office prior to the add/drop deadline. After turning in the Directed Readings Agreement form, you will be given a ‘permission to add’ code to register for the class. Except in rare circumstances (approved in advance by the Director of the School of Social Work), Soc W 595R will not be approved for more than 3 credit hours to be used towards graduation.

SOC W 595R Directed Readings Agreement